Welcome! Daniel Lorusso wanted Mr Miagi to teach him how to defend himself from bullies, so Mr Miagi obliged and gave him his first lesson, "Wax on, Wax off."

Now "Wax on Wax off" was basically to wax Mr Miagi's car. Daniel was pissed! He didn't understand why Mr Miagi was asking him to do this.This lesson consisted of not only the technique, but to DO the technique for a few hours. So Daniel began, and afterwards he could successfully do the technique very well.

You are Daniel, I am Mr Miagi and I am going to teach you how to kick some butt!

My job is to prepare and coach you until the day you are at a party and you can say "What do I do for a living? Im a dot com guy." (Or gal!)

The steps you see below are 230 detailed steps to work your way up to huge money. Sure I could have given you step 1-2-3 but you would have had alot of questions between 1-2-3 so I went all out. If I didn't put 100% into this my name would have become utter trash on the Internet long ago, and would have happened very quickly. Ive been teaching Internet marketing for almost 5 years now and the good reviews are there for a reason, so trust me! Im not BS'n you. I do not want to go down in history for being a bad (Or even slightly mediocre) teacher! :) So I really pack on the punches! Ok?

One very important thing to ask yourself; Is it fair that the spoiled rich kid grows up, has no real expertise but sells 1,000,000 copies of his book he wrote for $20.00 a pop? Yeah that guy on Fox News that hangs out with Donald Trump. Yeah! That guy! Well guess what?

That guy is faker than a handbag! He didn't really do those things he says he did! And makes twenty million while you work for $15 an hour? See.. we are going to do what the rich kid does, selling all those digital downloads and referring sales. This is the idea. Don't worry, you won't need to quit your job or leave your family. You won't need to go on FOX either! :) Your experience and expertise is marketable on the Internet no matter what you do, and I will show you how to capitalize off of this fast.

This course is much more in depth than a simple manual on one technique. This gives you the power to do huge things on the Internet, so I have included all techniques, which I use myself.

Ok so let's get started. When you read through the following steps and do what I tell you to do, I do give you options. For instance, I will throw ideas out there, and you may say.. Ok! Ill do that! For instance starting up a facebook page and working all day, everyday on JUST the facebook page, and then making revenue from a Facebook post! Ill give you another example, writing a kindle ebook. You may say "Wow! That sounds like something I would enjoy doing!" and in that case, put your energy into writing and then selling your kindle ebook, climbing the ranks of the Kindle marketplace.

Or not? Well in the case that was not for you then jump into one of my other strategies that you feel more comfortable doing. Not everyone likes writing, not everyone likes doing youtube marketing. So that's why I have learned to teach my classes bringing a virtual arsenal of tested ideas and examples of actual campaigns, websites or products that I sold alot of. Of course, you will want to continue doing the steps, as they are universal for all models or at the very least, great tools or strategies to accomodate, compliment and monetize what you are doing.

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